Benefits of membership

Benefits of Joining the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb)

Giving you Recognition

Global Qualifications

  1. Post nominal letter- ACIArb, MCIArb, FCIArb: powerful marks of quality assurance to help open doors.
  2. Advancement – pathway of education and training for ADR practitioners/ Raising your profile

Raising your profile

  1. Members’ profile – showcase yourself on CIArb’s website
  2. MyCIArb - manage your own membership record and preferences
  3. Contribute - take part in Linkedln discussions; submit articles and papers.

Belonging to a Professional Institute

Code of professional and ethical conduct for members

  1. Upholding standards – all members of the institute are centrally admitted to common criteria
  2. User confidence – CIArb’s Professional Conduct Committee (Headquarters) / Branch Ethics committee investigates complaints to maintain user confidence.

Thought leadership

  1. Practice guidelines and protocols - through our conferences and events, training courses and discussion groups
  2. Facilitating inter-cultural exchange- through our conferences and events, training courses and discussion groups
  3. ‘Arbitration’ journal – peer-reviewed papers on the latest academic thinking in ADR
  4. Lobbying and influencing work- expanding the use of ADR in local and central government and the business community
  5. Media liaison – raising the profile of the institute, its members and ADR

Providing professional benefits

Panels and appointments

  1. Dispute appointment service- independent nomination and appointment services
  2. ‘Find a dispute resolver’ service –through your ‘MyCIArb’ online profile highlight your credentials to anyone seeking a dispute resolver
  3. Local and regional panels – growing number of branch schemes and arbitral centres

Providing professional support

Dispute resolution advice service

  1. Free advice on all aspects of arbitral law and practice

Knowledge resources and career development

  1. The resolver- quarterly magazine of ADR news and information
  2. Online library – access archived copies of CIArb’s  ‘Arbitration’ journal dating back to 1915
  3. Courses- education for those seeking vocational training and CPD
  4. Book lists – to support your learning and general ADR knowledge
  5. The Maughan Library – CIArb’s information and resource centre at king’s college London
  6. CIArb publications – compendiums and books covering all ADR

Worldwide networking opportunities

  1. International conferences – global networking opportunities
  2. Branch events - meet like-minded professional in your local area
  3. Fellowship ceremony – annual graduation for newly appointed fellows
  4. Flagship lectures – academic topics delivered twice a year and free to members
  5. Mediation symposium – annual events focusing on development in mediation
  6. CIArb’s annual lunch – for their members and their guest
  7. Young members interest group – dedicated website and activity around the world for the under 40s

Keeping you informed


  1. Website and
  2. Publications – including the quarterly academic journal ‘Arbitration’ and The resolver magazine
  3. eSolver – news and information
  4. e-newsletters – quarterly updates on events and training
  5. Social media – follow CIArb on Linkedln, Twitter and Facebook for ADR updates
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